Guided tours to Kallin Lighthouse and Birdcliffs

When: 12. Jun. - 15. Aug. 2017

Where: Trøllanes, Norðoyggjar

During the summer there is a possibility to get a guided tour to Kallin Lighthouse and Birdcliffs on the island of Kalsoy.Lunch is included.Tours are made Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.00 (minimum 2 persons)Booking and payment is made at the tou…

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Boat trip with the sconner Dragin to the Lighthouse and Birdcliffs Kallin

When: 12. Jun. - 15. Aug. 2017

Where: Klaksvík, Norðoyggjar

Kom ein túr við Draganum út eftir Kalsoyarfyrði.Dragin siglur av Klaksvík út eftir Kalsoyarfyrði fram við Kalsoynni, har til ber at síggja Kópakonuna og víðari út á Kallin til fýrin og fuglabjørgini. Síðan fer hann tvørtur um yvir á Nakkin á Kunoy og…

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Summer Tunes Grotto Concert

When: 13. Jun. - 20. Aug. 2017

Where: Hestur - Klæmintsgjógv, Streymoy

Concerto Grotto every thursday and sunday, 1-9 p.m.
During the last several years, Birgir Enni, skipper of the vessel Norðlýsið (the Northern Light), and Kristian Blak, artistic director of Summartónar, have arranged trips with musicians and audienc…

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Night Tour on Vágoy 24./25. Juni

When: 24. Jun. 2017, Saturday

Where: Bursatangi, Streymoy

Saturday 24th of June, there is a night-tour with the hiking association in Tórshavn.
The plan is to hike up to Árnafjall and to Gásadalur, on Vágoy.
The tour is long, and steep in some places.
The bus goes from Bursatangi at 07 pm
Remember warm c…

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Føroya Regatta 2017

When: 7. Jul. - 9. Jul. 2017

Where: Sandoy, Streymoy og Eysturoy , Streymoy

During week 27, old Faroese wooden ships will be sailing around the islands in an event known as the Regatta. 
Tickets for the Regatta can be purchased at the tourist information desks around the islands or on board the ships. The price is…

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Guided walk to the old town Tinganes

When: 26. Sep. 2017, Tuesday

Where: VisitTórshavn, Streymoy

Minimum number of participants: 3
This ancient part of town, the historic Tinganes, houses the Prime Minister´s office and administrative offices. 
It was previously the political and commercial centre of the Faroe islands and is alive with exc…

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