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Espen Eriksen Trio

“superb musicians at the top of their game” – BBC
The jazz world is not short on piano trios, but it’s not every day one comes across a new trio with a personal musical language. The Norwegian Espen Eriksen Trio plays highly melodical and lyrical instrumentals with elements from Scandinavian folk and melancholia and shades of the deep woods. It’s definitely jazz, but their less is more approach is in contrast to most of their contemporaries, with structures almost like pop songs and with a strong focus on melodies. Worldwide touring has led to a tight unity with a dazzling use of dynamics, ranging from melancholic moods to hypnotic grooves. The trio has released three records, all critically acclaimed by publications like BBC, The Independent, and KulturSpiegel. Their third record, “Never Ending January”, was released in autumn 2015. ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO has toured in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, England, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“A wonderfully plaintivejazz record, abandoned to the lost art of melodic minimalism, stripped back and beautifully near bare…superb musicians at the top of their game“ BBC (UK)

“Fest steht jedenfalls, das Eriksen zu den Meistern des nordeuropäischen Klaviersounds zählt… Eine Kooperation, die perfekt miteinander harmoniert und eine gewisse Magie auf den Plan bringt, die immer wider überrascht.” Sound & Image (DE)

“Elegant, wistfully lyrical, and dominated by Eriksen’s pellucid piano filigrees, it’s an aural balm for the ears.” Record Collector (UK)

“Löblich ist das künstlerische Niveau und das sensible Zusammenspiel des Espen Eriksen Trios.” Jazzpodium (DE)

“Another emergent group on the Scandinavian scene—sure to be worth watching—with its own superb reevaluation and reinvention of the piano trio tradition.” All About Jazz (US)

“Espen Eriksen’s ensemble has been compared to Tord Gustavsen and the late Esbjörn Svensson’s EST, but there is a level of clarity and versatility that makes the trio totally unique”. The Milk Factory (UK)
 ”He has a captivating sense of lyricism, something of a lost art in these days of pattern running…the melodic construction of his phrases working with the hypnotic narrative of a storyteller -­‐ you just had to listen to see where it would all end up.” Jazzwise (UK)

Espen Eriksen (piano/compositions), Lars Tormod Jenset (bass), Andreas Bye (drums) 

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27. January 2018, Saturday






Norðari Ringvegur

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