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Son of Fortune & Ragnar Finsson

Son of Fortune hails from the Faroe Islands, a group of small is- lands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The rawness in the gloomy weather and the breathtaking scenery on the Islands shine through in Son of Fortune’s songwriting and sound. From the raw and dirty Rock n’ Roll to the more dark and folky landscapes, the music challenges you, but at the same time makes you feel at home. Son of Fortune has collaborated and worked on dozens of albums on the Faroes and around Scandinavia as a musician, songwriter, lyri- cist, engineer, mixer and producer. He has toured with his band in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark and also played various shows all around Europe in countries such as: Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Eng- land, France, Netherland and Russia. As a sideman, Son of Fortune has played with Faroese artist like Teitur and Eivør and he has also played with living legends such as Kris Kristofferson and Larry Gatlin. The latest endeavors in Son of Fortune’s journey took him to Nash- ville. The voyage from the small remote steep-terrain village - where he spent his youth mainly sitting with his guitar by the spinning records dreaming about going out into the world to per- form - to music Mecca is a long but natural one. After writing five hundred letters and receiving about five replies, he took a chance and jumped on the plane with just about nothing but his faithful old guitar and a trunk full of tunes and ambitions - and before he knew it, he was standing outside Sputnik Studios with a six pack of longtime producer hero Vance Powell’s brand of choice and knocking on his door. This was the beginning of what was to be- come “Voodoo Pop”, which is recorded, produced and mixed by Grammy Award winning team Vance Powell and Mike Fahey. “Island rockers, windswept and epic” - Gigwise “The music takes shape in the tension between unconditional ri rock and enchanting songwriting. In my opinion the best Faroese record of 2017” - Heilabrim “Sounds that are somewhere between silence and storm, rainy dusk and magic midnight sun” - Nothing But Hope and Passion Son of Fortune won four Faroese Music Awards in 2015 for the album “Ave”, that was a collaboration with poet Petur Pólson. Ragnar Finsson; Ragnar is a young indie folk artist originally from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. He moved to Sweden in 2017 to study folk music and is currently traveling across Europe performing his original songs as well as his soulfully arranged american folk songs. Modern indie folk, steeped in american and nordic tradition.


150.00 DKK

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9. November 2019, Saturday






við Júksnará 9

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Tónleikasamtakið Grót


±298 291258



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