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A touching and gripping performance based on documentary materials about domestic violence.
The Ratatam theatre group created Shhh! from interviews they filmed with the victims, perpatrators and realtives of domestic violence, as well as sourcing material from newspapers and thesis for their improvisations. Two-hundred hours of video material was gathered by the group and worked through. The stories told were often horrific and painful but peculiarly enough, often laced with dark underlying humour .

The members of Ratatam were stunned by the hope and spirit of these brave survivors sharing their stories. It is said that laughter is our best friend when tragedy is at it’s most, a relief when times are difficult and that became our take on the matter as we went through all these horrendous stories. We used the magic of theater to cast a few images from those stories to an audience, hoping to be able to heal, entertain and open up eyes to the many and sometimes subtle aspects of domestic violence.

The stage design is a citation to the works of Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), ”Cells”. Where she exposes in a complex way the pain and fear inflicted upon her, growing up in a violent home. For some people homes are prison cells with no way out, although the prison bars may appear invisible for outsiders. Doors are closed and locked. In both physical and mental sense. These doors need to be opened! During the rehearsal process we so often wished that we were able to send an angel, to bring love and protection to everyone who has ever had to suffer through domestic violence. To be brought up in an abusive home creates a pattern which numerous studies have shown has the tendency to repeat itself.

To be able to break the pattern and the silence and shame consequent with it, we first have to have the courage to speak up.

...To have the courage to speak out loud.

The play will be performed in English.


180.00 DKK

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20. October 2018, Saturday





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