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Lyra fra Nord (NO)

Unn the Deepminded – the long journey
History, music and storytelling by Lyra fra Nord ( NO/SE)

Lyra fra NordTone Holte ( vocal / monolog), Norway

John Vedde ( lyre, vocal), Norway

Rolf Agaton ( lyre, vocal), Sweden

The performance

“Lyra fra Nord” sings and  tells the story about Unn (or Aud) the deepminded: A portrait of a Viking woman born in Norway around 800 CE, who – after a dramatic life – finally settled on Iceland.   

The concert tells about Unn’s life, as it is told in Laksdøla saga.. At one point in her life she came to the Faroe Island, where she landed at Gøta. Here she stayed for some time, and married off  one of her granddaughters before she set sail for Iceland. This makes is special for us to perform her story on the Faroes!

The songs are from the album «Det som bølger uti havet» // «What waves might bring», with lyrics and melodies by Rolf Agaton.  He will play the lyre during the performance, as well as John Vedde.  On vocal and preforming as Unn you will meet Tone Holte. Tone Holte has written the text surrounding the songs.

The album

The album «Det som bølger uti havet» // «What waves might bring» was released in December 2016.  It contains new materiel as well as interpretations of old songs from places within the «Viking area».

The music you will hear is connected to musicological ideas of how the Vikings might have related to music in terms of working with rhythm, melodies and harmonies built by a few tones. It is also an attempt to illustrate another vision of perception of how the music and the lyrics are working together in order to form a context for a deeper understanding of this period of time.

The lyres

Rolf plays a lyre which is a replica of an archeological find from the English "Sutton Hoo" boat grave dated 630 CE. The lyre most probably originate from the area around Lake Mälaren in Sweden. Johns lyre is a replica of a so called "Kraviklyre". In 1904 the remains of a lyre was found on the Norwegian farm Kravik in Numedal, Norway. The lyre supposedly dates from around 1300 CE but as it has an archaic form, it is probably based on much older versions of a lyre.

Said about the album:

“…..The performances are energetic and passionate, and Tone’s voice is just right for the songs…" 


100.00 DKK

When and where


9. May 2018, Wednesday






Norðari Ringvegur

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