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Seminar on bullying by Barnabati

By Steen Hildebrandt, Helle Rabøl Hansen and Erika Anne Hayfield.
In the seminar we will discuss antibullying and ask how far we are along. Talk about emphatic relations and how living in small societies influences children’s and youths’ upbringing, social life and the making of identity.

Barnabati invites Steen Hildebrandt, professor in relations, Helle Rabøl Hansen, bullying expert and Erika Anne Hayfield, expert in Faroese affairs to a seminar about bullying.

After the speeches, Barnabati serves homemade, Faroese and organic rhubarb lemonade. While you enjoy the drink you can see all the antibullying material Barnabati has produced in collaboration with The Mary Foundation and Save the Children Alliance. The project is a preventative campaign on antibullying and goes by the name Betri vinir - Free of Bullying.

Barnabati works with several projects such as counselling for children and youths, prevention of bulling and poverty amongst children in the Faroe Islands.

Steen Hildebrandt, professor in management and organizational theory (the speech is in Danish)
The importance of relations
We need empathic relations - now and in the future - and someone needs to take responsibility to create them. Professor in management and organizational theory Steen Hildebrandt looks closer into why empathy is so important and which possibilities lay for managers and adult professionals to support the development with the most important thing we have – the children.

Steen Hildebrandt is PhD, professor emeritus from Århus University and adjunct professor at CBS, Copenhagen Business School and Aalborg University. He is a member of the board for professional businesses, educational institutions and civil society organizations, and the author of many books and articles about management, organization and societal affairs. Moreover, he is a widely used lecturer on these topics, author and co- author of the books 'Empati – det, der holder verden sammen' (Empathy – what keeps the world together) and 'Børnene er det vigtigste – fremtiden, skolen og barnet' (Children are the most important – future, school and the child).

Helle Rabøl Hansen, PhD and bully researcher (the speech is in Danish)
Antibullying - where are we?
How do we as adults explain a phenomenon that can’t be defended? How do we contain all the unpleasantness involved when children struggle for their social survival? Bully researcher Helle Rabøl Hansen looks back at the last 20 years with a societal view of bullying and at the same time gives us an understanding of how we as professionals in our work against bullying stay on the child's side.

Helle Rabøl Hansen graduated in law from the University of Copenhagen in 1998 and has since been involved in bullying as her working focus area. First as a legal assistant in the Children’s Council and later as a secretary employee in Børns Vilkår. In 2005 she co-founded the practice network AMOK, AntiMObbeKonsulent. Helle received PhD degree in 2011 with the dissertation: "Lærerliv og elevmobning" (Life of teachers and pupils bullying) and she has authored and co-authored several books about bullying – among others 'Mobningens ABC: en fagbog om mobning' (2016) (The ABC on bullying), 'Parentesmetoden: tænkestrategier mod mobning' (2015) (Parenthesis method: Thinking strategies against bullying) and 'Grundbog om mobning' (2005) (Bullying in basics).

Erika Anne Hayfield, PhD and researcher in small societies and children’s culture (The speech is in Faroese)
In the Faroe Islands, we live in a community where everyone knows everyone and the relationships are close. These close relationships affect life at home, in school and at work. Based on our small island community, Erika Anne Hayfield will discuss small communities as a framework for development, social life and the identity of young people, in addition to what impact small communities have on how young people navigate and think about the future.

Erika Anne Hayfield is a PhD, associate professor and education manager at the University of the Faroe Islands. Erika is researching the relocation of young people, immigration, gender and children's culture. Besides her research, she has work experiences from business and public administration, and has led major projects, such as overall plan for population migration and population growth in the Faroe Islands. Erika is also active in various boards and participates in many international collaborations.


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24. April 2018, Tuesday






Norðari Ringvegur

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