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How low can you go - film workshop w Stephen Cleary

This workshop is designed to help you find your way through the messy, confused and exotic world of no to low budget filmmaking, where features can be produced for as little as $10,000 or as much as $1 million, and where over 90% of the films made are never released in the cinema, or make any money online. In fact, only 47% of low budget movies that start shooting make it through to the end of the shoot.

So why bother? Well if you do it properly, a low budget movie will advance your career and make you some money. Sometimes a lot of money - the most commercially successful movies ever made are all low budget movies - but that only happens if you are in that rare 10% that actually get out there in front of an audience.

What do you need to know about low-budget movie-making that can give you a real shot at the rewards, financial and creative, low-budget filmmaking offers? What do you need to know about the low-budget audience? What are the low-budget genres which flourish, in and out of the mainstream? How do you develop low-budget stories? What do you look for in your low-budget story to make it work? 

This workshop answers these questions and more in an informative, lively, and practical way. And it gives you a chance to try out a few of your low-budget ideas and see if they will fly. Here’s what’s in the Workshop:

• A brief history of low to no-budget filmmaking and how post-revolutionary Russia predicted The Blair Witch Project
• Why low-budget is good news for producers
• The low-budget artist’s manifesto
• Your low-budget aesthetic: The Virtue of Poverty married to distinction
• Your audience and the film festivals they go to
• Low-budget case studies

• Developing low-budget: new methods
• Practical low budget plans
• Low-budget stories that sell
Project work:
• Working out what you have and using it
• Finding your unique angle
• What makes your film better because you have no money?
• Your two-minute story

Project work:
• Developing three ideas at the same time
• Development during and after production
• Make me a trailer in one hour
• Character in low-budget
• Tricks of the Lo-Bo trade

Participants bring 3 ideas for a low-budget from to the workshop. Each idea written in no more than four sentences. We will develop all of these ideas during the workshop, then each participant chooses one of the three to build into a story proposal. It’s fast, stimulating and fun, and you will come out of the workshop with a new way of thinking about low-budget film-making which will save you time and money, and is the method used by most successful low-budget film storytellers. 

*And 70 pages of notes to take away with you.

The workshops will be held from Friday February 23rd – Sunday February 25th, in collaboration with Filmshúsið, TÓFF and Norðurlandahúsið. 
There is limited space and applicants can send a short motivational letter and a CV to marjun24@hotmail.com before 24.01.2018 
There is a participation fee of DKK 600,- which includes lunch and coffee during the workshop.

Stephen Cleary is a story developer, author and feature film producer. 

He has spent the past four years helping to conceive, develop and executive produce low budget films. Including 52 Tuesdays (winner best director Sundance Festival, Crystal Bear, Berlin film festival), The Infinite Man (SXSW Visions, winner Fantasia Film festival, Brussels International Fantasy Festival), Shut Up Little Man (Sundance Film festival, best documentary feature, best documentary director, Australian Film Awards), all of which secured domestic and US theatrical releases on budgets of less than £350,000, all of which had first time feature directors, writers and producers. 

Other award winning low-budget features include One Eyed Girl (winner Austin Film Festival), and Inner Demon (best feature, best director, Night of Horror Intl. Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival). The £750.000 feature The Death and Life of Otto Bloom, developed by Stephen, goes into production this December.

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