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The dilemma and beauty of dreams
Dreams of the future can help us, and prevent us, from living the life we want. 

Two highly personal dance solos, dealing with a universal theme in a tragic-comic expression – performed by Antoinette Helbing and Taneli Törmä.

“People have way too many dreams – they just become unhappy.” (

“My childhood dreams were full of passion – I am bringing this beauty back into my life as an adult man.” 

Antoinette is a German dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. Taneli is a Finnish dance and video artist based in Odense. They are both humorous artist with a profound honesty. In Re-Dream they are exploring and revealing their different ways of dealing with dreams of the future. 

In the first act
 Antoinette is looking back at dreams, her own and others, of who to become as a grown up woman.

“In my family it was ok to have dreams as a child, but as an adult it was regarded as a failure. Living a grown-up-life meant that everything had to be perfect all the time. To have dreams and wishes of something else was looked upon as something sad. But by living this “perfect life” there was suddenly a lot of responsibility and pressure on my shoulders. I was squeezed between aging parents and children, all demanding a lot of support - way more than I was able to give. Which made me actually long for a break from life and my dreams.

”Antoinette cooperates with retirement homes to create text and sound for her solo. In Odense she works together with Marienlund Dagcenter. The interviews with older people add layers of thoughts and dreams to her performance. Her movement language is contemporary and task driven.

 In the second act Taneli is rediscovering his dreams of passion.

“Even before I knew that I was gay I dreamt that Mark Owen from Take That would be my husband. How the things look and appear have changed, but not the essence of my dreams. I like to revisit the dreams that the 15 years old Taneli had, to find out, what is still left of them and how to deal with those passionate dreams without completely looking upon them with irony. I'm aiming to find the parts that are still left in me here and now and to embed them in a solo of the Taneli I am nowadays.

”Taneli cooperates with local ballet schools at each performance place. In Odense he works together with Ballet Akademiet. He works with the students and include them in the performance to emphasize the contrast between young and old, future and past, group and solitude. He comes from classical ballet but has moved on into the contemporary field. His expression is vigorous and poetic.


Dance & Choreography: Antoinette Helbing (
                                         Taneli Törmä (
                   Light design: Mårten K. Axelsson
                 Sound design: Erik Schrøder Christoffersen
             Costume design: Inbal Lieblich
               Artistic mentor: Catherine Poher
               Administration: The Project Centre at Dansehallerne
                        Producer: Jan Vesala

Re-Dream is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation, NAPA, the Nordic Culture Fund and Århus Kommune.


80.00 DKK

When and where


15. February 2018, Thursday






Norðari Ringvegur

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